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I just had a crazy urge to make a post full of pics so here we are.
All pic of Abby of coarse coz i love her soo much!

The horse was a incredible find from the salvos I was so happy when i saw him. He does looks like a pony compared to Abby but i still loves him! his name is Tarsan!
The last few pics are what Abby looks like at the moment...the green sweater I got from Rainbow I usually dont like knited stuff but it was just to cute to pass up..the hat was a purse that i changed in to a hat its a little small but its still looks good i think.

More pics Of my Abby By popular request!


The Swing I bought at a local toy fair for a steal, its beautiful and Abby's favorite spot, the little rabbits name is Thomas and he keeps Abby company untill I can save up the money for Matilda her companion (Resinsoul Dai) . 
The kitty ears, black skirt and top are made by me I was very happy with how they turned out. the red dragon bag is a little purse that I modded in to a back pack.
The wigs are from rainbow as all my wigs are becuse its easer and faster than ordering from overseas.


Tisk Tisk!

So Abby has been in my housemates room for a few days waiting for her jeans and underthings to be finished.
But because i bought some tights for her (from rainbow of course anyone know anywhere else to get BJD stuff from in adelaide?)
I just had to try them on her and during this i noticed how grubby she is getting! :(  that white skin sure shows up marks! I've heard that magic eraser gets stuff off but should i just start with a damp flannel?


Introducing Abby


This is my darling bjd girl called Abby she is a Dollzone (Cherry) I got her for christmas!
Her clothes were made by my housemate and her wig, eyes and shoes were bought from a little place on Hindley st, Adelaide called Rainbow. 

she is such a darling sweet thing!


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